If you get a chance to work at Braswell Precision you won't want to leave! Many of our employees have been here for years as they enjoy competitive salaries, benefits, and a friendly work environment with opportunities to grow. We are always interested in new talent and encourage you to fill out an application and submit via email to support@braswellprecision.com Subject: Employment Application or fax 410.761.9864

Equal Opportunity

Regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, age, and the like, as long as the job requirements are fulfilled there is equal opportunity at BPI. We ensure there will be equality of opportunity in all terms and conditions of employment.

Professional Development

With the continuing innovation of machining we strive to keep learning and building on our skills to produce the best product for our customers. Although we expect employees to already possess a certain skill set, we do encourage continuing education and training by offering tuition reimbursement for select courses. We also are fortunate enough to have skilled craftsmen that have been with us for years that offer assistance to our newer employees.

The continuous development of our employees we find is key to staying competitive in such a dynamic field and we do everything possible to give our employees the opportunity to succeed.