Veteran-owned Braswell Precision, Inc. was established in 1985 by James K. Braswell to serve the needs of the increased demands of the aerospace and defense industries. Since then, BPI has expanded fulfilling the requirements of the medical, telecommunications, commercial, and alternative energy markets.

Within 5 years of opening, our operation's success allowed us to move to a 20,000 sq ft. facility conveniently located near BWI Airport in the International Trade Center. Specializing in prototype and production precision machining, we pride ourselves in the accuracy of close tolerance machining and our stellar customer service. We embrace new technology but still offer the craftsmanship of a skilled worker.

Rather than committing to all areas of manufacturing, BPI has chosen to expand our knowledge and skills to become experts at machining parts that capture sophisticated electronic components. Disciplines in this process involve holding tight tolerances, critical attention to detail, strict finishes, and careful removal of burrs. By concentrating our efforts in this niche we have become highly skilled due to the difficulty of requirements which can be translated to other areas ensuring success.

Our facility is fully climate controlled for maintaining close tolerance machining, finishing, bonding and assembly work for which we are known for. We maintain strict standards to create a safe working environment for our employees, visitors, and surrounding communities.

BPI is ISO 9001:2015 certified and will be EMS compliant in Spring 2011.

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Being in business over 25 years we have made thousands of parts with minimal turnover in employees. This experience and consistency enables us to manufacture the simplest to the most complex part that others may find too difficult to attack.

We are continuously increasing our manufacturing capacity with the addition of new equipment and technologies allowing us to better serve our customers. Our extensive list of equipment is comprised of CNC Vertical and Horizontal pallet changer work centers as well as inclusive supportive equipment to complete the part. "A complete capacities list is available upon request."

Our company manufactures high quality precision components using the latest machining technologies. They are manufactured accurately and efficiently meeting tight tolerances and strict specifications. We have frequently machined parts with a true position of .001 and hold tolerances of +/- .0005. We have capabilities of holding tight tolerances of +/-.0001. The largest part size we can manufacture is 64"x 32," but we might be able to accommodate for a larger part depending on its configuration.

We machine all materials including billet aluminum, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, stainless steel, kovar, inconel, fiberglass, various plastics and composites, and have become accustomed to compensate for a variety of plating types such as gold, cadmium, silver, anodize, etc. We only work with ISO 9001 approved sources and/or those approved by our customers. We also work with NADCAP approved suppliers.

If you would like to work with us please contact our sales department at 410.761.3366 or lyndsay@braswellprecision.com or shawna@braswellprecision.com.

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Our Team

Our forward thinking leaders have truly worked their way from the bottom up, starting off as floor machinists. The rudimentary skills they developed from this experience have equipped them with a better understanding of manufacturing and what it takes to produce a quality part. It also enables them to think creatively and offer alternative production solutions to ensure parts are manufactured in the most efficient way possible.

Our Navy veteran president, James Braswell, has over 40 yrs. of experience alone, starting as an apprentice machinist. During this time there was a major shift in machining as shops were given more responsibilities from contractors. This increased complexion of processes allowed opportunity for him to step into management and ultimately to the opening of his own shop. With his leadership BPI has proved resilient through this turbulent economy.

Our people are our greatest asset and if it wasn't for our managers, support staff, and machinists, BPI would not be as successful as it is today. Many of our employees have been with us for years which has allowed less time for training and more time to build on already honed skills. Management has stayed the same since the opening of BPI's doors. This is a success in itself as it shows the pleasing work environment BPI has and an indicator of the type of business we run here, which is one of integrity, dedication, and fairness.

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Going Green

Braswell Precision, Inc. recognizes the impact we have on the environment and are taking responsibility by making current processes more sustainable. We are committed to making future improvements in an effort to reduce energy and water usage, and to reduce waste.

We are a member of the Maryland Green Registry, will be EMS compliant in spring 2011 and are working towards an ISO 14001 certification.

Our Environmental Policy

Braswell Precision is firmly committed to managing the environmental performance of our products, processes, services and employees as an integral part of our business operations. We will do so by adhering to the following principles at all levels and functions of our organization and at all operating locations:

  1. We will actively pursue and review environmental protection and pollution prevention practices as evidenced by our environmental aspects, objectives, programs and operating procedures.
  2. We will comply with regulatory requirements and industry guidelines.
  3. We will ensure conformance to and continual improvement of our environmental management system through identification of non-conformances and management reviews to be compliant with ISO Standard 14001:2004
  4. We will document and communicate our environmental policies to our employees, contractors, vendors, customers and community.

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